How To Reset a macOS Sierra Password with Terminal

How To Reset a macOS Sierra Password with Terminal

Need to reset macOS Sierra password after you forgot it? There is best one way to do this.

Perhaps for Mac users who still general like MacBook Pro that equipped with Apple’s latest operating system, macOS Sierra often has problem like forget account password because it has many passwords, or because of other things, so that you forget macOS Sierra password unintentionally. Moreover, you have to pursue deadline to do tasks, of course you will be confused.

You can resetting a forgotten Mac password both Mac OS X and macOS Sierra with easy way with an installer disk or bootable DVD.

Not only you that have forgot password, there are many Mac users outside that often experienced this problem, because of several reasons above.

In this Mac tutorial, we will show you the easy way to reset the password on a macOS based computer like MacBook, MacBook Pro or others.

Before trying to reset password in macOS Sierra, make sure that computer is connected to Internet for iCloud account verification later. But, if you just want to reset password of macOS standard account, you don’t need internet connection.

Just follow the instructions bellow.

Easy Way to Resetting a macOS Sierra Password without Bootable DVD

Below, the fastest and easy ways to reset a password on macOS Sierra with 6 (six) steps.

  1. If your Mac is on, please reboot Mac, then after hearing MacBook sound, start and holding down Command + R keys to boot into Mac Recovery mode
  2. After succeed, enter to Recovery mode, select Utilities > Terminal
  3. When Terminal’s window has appeared, type this:
    Reset macOS Sierra Password
  4. Press Return button to run application of password reset then select which Mac user account that you will reset and press Next.
  5. Now, insert your new password in the form fields of new password and verify password and also type password reminder in the password hint.
  6. Press Next > Restart

After Mac restart, you already can access it again by using new password.

You’ve succeed to reset macOS Sierra account password.

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