How To Watch Amazon Prime On Android

How To Watch Amazon Prime On Android

Amazon Prime Instant Video happens to be the TV and movie streaming service of Amazon. With the introduction of the Kindle Fire Phone all over the world and its availability at a considerably low price, Amazon has done away with a very significant reason to purchase one. At present, it is possible to watch Amazon Prime Android video on your Android device.

How to Watch Amazon Prime Android?

This application will not be available in the Play store. Instead, you need to visit the website of Amazon for installing the Underground app. Although it might be required to alter any setting for downloading the apps, Amazon Underground is comparatively risk-free.

How To Watch Amazon Prime On Android

However, although you can stream them, it won’t be possible to download videos. It is advisable to install the app which will definitely provide you with a better experience and you will be able to monitor what you have actually watched as well as your watch list.

After launching the app, search for Amazon Video by using the icon at the top which resembles a magnifying glass. Following this, install the app after tapping on it.

It will not be required to sign in once again while launching Amazon Video in case you have already signed into your personal Amazon account. Or else, it will be required to do so.

If you want to watch films and TV shows as a part of the service, you will require an Amazon Prime account. Otherwise, you might even try it for 30 days without investing any money at all.

This simple-to-use application will show exactly which videos are included in your subscription. You can see the costs to purchase or rent any video which is not included, simply by tapping on it.

In case you would like to download any video, try to find one at the left of the play button. Although it is possible to download most of them, some will not allow you to do so. Select the default quality from Good, Better and Best by tapping the download options. If you would like to watch any Amazon Prime Android video on your tablet, go for the Best and Better options in spite of the fact that they might consume more storage space as well as time to download.

By following the above-mentioned steps, make your Amazon Prime Android video viewing experience a pleasurable one!

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