How To Track an Android Phone

How To Track an Android Phone

Of course, we can miss our smartphones accidentally or someone may steal our phones. In such cases, rather just worrying about your android lost, you can find the way to get it back. Do not think that, once the mobile is lost and you will never get it back. It is really not the case.

Rather, it is doable to find your mobiles with device manager facility. These days, most android smartphones come with device manager. The purpose of this feature is to trace the location of your phone accurately.

So, from now on, you do not have to bother even you have lost your mobile. But all you have to do is to launch the device manager.

For that, you first have to launch settings. Then, you have to tap the security option and then tap the device administration.

Now, you have to tap the android device manager. You have to tap the “high accuracy” option. Only then, your phone’s location will be discovered accurately.

How To Find My Android Phone?

  1. Once you launch the device manager, the application will search your phone and show the previous and current locations of your phone. This is what called as the “android location history”How To Track an Android Phone
  2. Through the history, you can locate your phone to the point
  3. Once your phone is located, you have three options to get it back. One is that, you can make a call to your phone. If your mobile is close to you, you can hear the noise and locate your mobile
  4. You can lock your mobile and so that, no third person will get access to it. You can do this only if your mobile was not locked with fingerprint or pass code previously
  5. You can erase your phone if you do not want to get back your mobile.

To access this tool, you need GMail account that synchronized and installed Android Device Manager app on your Android phone.

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