How To Connect USB To Android Phone

How To Connect USB To Android Phone

Advanced technical innovations are gradually updating the gadgets these days, and it is making the life easier. Do you know that now you can even connect your USB storage device with your Smartphone and tablet?

Yes, this is possible with the USB OTG (OTG stands for On the Go). USB OTG can help you turn your device into an USB, and you can easily connect a number of USB accessories from USB gaming controller, USB keyboard and USB storage device.

You can simply manage the USB storage from your tablet device or Smartphone and can easily share and edit the files located inside your USB storage device.

All you need to do is find a suitable USB OTG cable from any online store and connect it with your smart device.

How To Connect USB To Android Phone

Here, Steps to connect your USB With your Android device.

  1. When you need to connect USB to Android Phone, all you need to do is connect the USB flash drive or accessory with the female port of the cable
  2. Now connect USB to Android Phone
  3. Swipe down the notification that appears on the screen of your device and enables it to provide the access for transferring files. There is no need to do this step if auto-enable is turned on in your device
  4. Tap the USB drive icon that appears on your device for checking the files that are located on the device. You can also move the files located on your device into the USB storage device.
  5. If you want to transfer a file located on your device into the USB storage, you can tap the file and select copy and then paste it into the desired location of the USB storage device
  6. If you are using an USB mouse, even a wireless mouse, a pointer will appear on the screen, and it will let you scroll through the pages in the same way you do it with finger touch.

USB OTG is not compatible with all Android devices. Some Android devices help you to connect and manage your USB drive. The high-end devices allow you to connect the USB to your Android phone.

If you are fond of intense gaming, you can easily use the USB gaming controller and get the feel of playing on a PlayStation.

USB OTG is also helpful for connecting the USB keyboard and helps you to type in notepad and use the keyboard shortcuts also.

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