How To Develop iOS Apps On Windows

How To Develop iOS Apps On Windows

In today’s world, there are various platforms of the operating system. Due to lack of enough application, sometimes apps are tried to be run in the multi-operating system. In these cases, How to develop ios apps on windows is a general question for app developers.

There’s no certified answer for developing iPhone apps on Windows. So, the app developer community has constantly been working on discovering easily implemented substitutions for the same. If you are an iOS app developer and keen to develop an iOS app on Windows PC, look at the handy guide mentioned below.

Developers can use Visual Studio 2015 to develop iOS apps for using on Windows PC. This technology is mentioned under the project Islandwood moniker. It is now also released as the official Windows bridge for iOS. It is an open source project, and GitHub has published it. One can easily get it under MIT license.

Windows Bridge recently started to support Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 on x64 and x86 architectures. Microsoft indicates that ARM mobile support is designed for future release.

How To Develop iOS Apps On Windows

The Program Manager of Microsoft, Salmaan Ahmed has given details about the four chief pieces of the Windows Bridge including an Objective-C runtime, iOS API libs, Objective-C compiler and a Visual Studio IDE. Surprisingly, though compiler itself is not an open source, the binary compilers are concluded in GitHub. Here are two essential ways to develop ios apps on windows.

1. Flash CS5.5

It has turned out to be a good answer with Flash iPhone Packager. The iOS package will let you compile applications on windows. While using flash, you can enjoy in the latest policy of Apple, but it doesn’t support high definition game. No Mac is needed for this operation.

It is easy to build an iOS app for flash except for official Adobe. You can easily combine this with Flex compiler and make your apps ready for iPhone.

2. AirPlay SDK

The Airplay SDK lets you develop games, and make your app suitable for Windows. It is a fine solution for apps and 3D and 2D games due to the free offer on indie developers.

These solutions can assemble the iPhone native code direct on your Windows PC.

There are lots of unofficial answers for the question, how to develop ios apps on windows. Through the Windows Bridge for iOS, the Windows developers can get full-fledged Objective-C development opportunity in Windows with the help of Virtual Studio.

The Bridge incorporates iOS API layer to make the language more useful.

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